Welcome to our Small-scale Fisheries Best Practices for Fieldwork page! This “living document” is aimed to compile research experiences, tips, advice, and guidelines for specific regions or locations across the globe. This project is an output of a recent international conference, 2nd World Small-scale Fisheries Congress, held in Merida, Mexico in 2014. Student researchers from varying disciplines and global regions participated in a student forum, with the goal to communicate and share perspectives and experiences on SSF research.

SSF research is transdisciplanary, requiring social and cultural awareness in the field. By compiling useful anecdotes, experiences and advice, we can help each other be more mindful and aware of how to conduct yourself in the field (and other helpful tips!).

Please contribute as much as you want through our Submission Page! Each entry will be a specific region/location, so if you work in multiple areas, please enter each separately.

Each entry will appear on the blog by SS Study Region, which include:

  • North America | link
  • Latin America & Caribbean | link
  • Europe | link
  • Africa | link
  • Asia & Oceania | link


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