Read all about it: Some non-science musings on the human side of vaquita conservation

From SAFRN founder Tara Sayuri Whitty!

Tara Sayuri Whitty, PhD

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for academia’s focus on publications, I actually do enjoy writing. So, I’m happy to share some non-scientific writing of mine that’s just been posted on the online magazine, Salt!  I scribbled some words about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about my team’s project on the human side of vaquita conservation.

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License and Registration Please!!

By: Tara Whitty Note: I’m writing this as an ecologist with limited experience studying and understanding the governance of resources.  This is not meant to be authoritative, but rather, is based on my impressions.  Please let me know (nicely…) if I sound foolish. Do you know how many fishing regulations you just broke?! Earlier this … Continue reading License and Registration Please!!