Out of many updates, this is a top one: at the 2nd World Small-scale Fisheries Congress in Merida last month, Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) debuted their exciting Information System for Small-scale Fisheries (ISSF)!  Play around with it, see what you can learn, and join & share your own information.

View of ISSF home page
View of ISSF home page

The TBTI blog post on ISSF gives a good overview of this valuable tool-in-progress.

As summarized in a previous post here, a major priority for small-scale fisheries research and management is getting a grasp on how much we know about these fisheries, and how much we need to know.  This will allow us to better understand the needs of these fisheries, their potential impacts on marine ecosystems, their contributions to ecosystem stewardship, and their economic, social, and cultural value.

A key feature of ISSF is the “Who’s who” in small-scale fisheries – a database on people involved in small-scale fisheries research.  This might be one of the most valuable attributes of ISSF, allowing people to learn about and connect to others doing research around the world.  Similarly, there is a database on organizations engaged in small-scale fisheries research and management, and an upcoming database on small-scale fisheries initiative.

The more people contribute to ISSF, the better it will be.  It’s not just for researchers – practitioners and fishers can contribute, and everyone can learn from it!

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